IT Support and Consultancy for Small Business | IT Support for Home Users

When your IT works smoothly, so can you.

How much IT do you use in your working day? For most of us, if we are office-based, IT is a big part of the toolkit we use in our jobs.

And how much do you use IT at home? Social media, email, online games, streaming TV – whatever you use your laptop or devices for, you want them to work. If you’re a home user of IT and need support or information, click here.

When your IT is working, you can just get on and use it… but if it goes wrong, everything can grind to a halt – including your productivity and ability to earn

Which is when you should call Eastbrook Systems for IT Support that’s fast, friendly and responsive.

Here’s what we can help with:

  • Your IT is broken. You don’t know why, it just is. You need someone to fix it. Now.
  • Your IT could do with someone to take regular care of it so that it doesn’t break, or at least much less often, and not badly.
  • You need to equip your office and could do with some consultancy about what sort of IT will best help you achieve your business aims.
  • You have IT to buy and want a great price on the right stuff. You want it all to work together seamlessly. And preferably installed so that you can get on with the more interesting part of your business – making money.
  • You have old IT to get rid of and you don’t want to fall foul of those WEEE rules. Plus the discs need erasing to protect your data. As in totally wiped clean.
  • You’d like to recycle your ink and toner cartridges, but it’s a chore and you need good reason to make the effort.

That’s what we at Eastbrook systems do – Mend, Maintain, Consult, Supply, Dispose, Recycle – from start to finish, we are there to help you with your IT.

  • Mend – if you are having an issue with your computers, printers or other IT, call us – you can bring them to our office in Havant, or we will visit your business premises and fix the problem on-site.
  • Maintain – the best plan is always to avoid breakdown, and a regular maintenance schedule is instrumental in that. To discuss the best plan for your business, call us and we’ll agree a time to come over and talk to you.
  • Consult – careful planning and forethought will help you to ensure you have the right IT solution in place to help you achieve your business goals. Your IT must meet your needs, be fully integrated and designed to grow with you.
  • Supply – our partnerships with carefully selected suppliers allow us to deliver incredible value on IT equipment and software. From servers to ink jet cartridges, visit our shop for great value.
  • Dispose – Europe-wide WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations now require homes and businesses to dispose of their IT in line with legislation. Larger companies are only interested in large-scale collections – but we’ll collect yours for ridiculously reasonable rates.
  • Recycle – toner and ink cartridges can all be recycled successfully. In bulk they generate small amounts of cash that can add up to quite a sum over time. Recycle through Eastbrook Systems and every penny we receive is donated to Rowans Hospital in Portsmouth.

If you need any kind of help with your IT, or want to speak to us about working together, just call us on 023 9244 9736 and speak to Sam or Paul.

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